Swara gets Sumi’s support to unite families


After Sanskar and Laksh’s fight, Sanskar asks Swara to end her ties with Laksh and Ragini. Swara wants to prove the truth infront of Ragini and taken a gun in hand to shoot herself. Ragini gets restless for Swara, but Dadi stops Ragini. Sumi takes Swara along. Swara tells Sumi how Sanskar has threatened about his life. Swara has lost her courage and talks to Sumi. She is worried for her family. She wants to see her family united.

Sanskar has threatened Swara and tells her that if Swara tries to do anything to unite two families, he will give up his life. Swara gets scared and understands that she has no option now. She can’t risk Sanskar’s life and is helpless. Sumi gives encourage to Swara by reading Gita. Sumi tells Swara that worst has happened, and nothing more worse can happen. She asks Swara to lie to Sanskar, as this lie is for good. Sumi tells Swara that she will support her in this plan. Swara and Sumi will get together and try to unite families, without letting Sanskar know of it.



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