Dayavanti manipulates to break Ashish and Asha in Naamkarann


Ashish has gained courage and written the mail to Dayavanti. He has written all the truth about his love for Asha, his relationship with Asha since 12 years and his daughter Avni. He writes about Avni’s wish to see him in her sports day. Dayavanti gets a big shock realizing Ashish has cheated her by marrying the Muslim girl Aisha Haider. Dayavanti realizes that she has lost her son, and now she has none to handover to Hemant and Neela. Dayavanti has given her word to Hemant and wants to keep his trust. Neela has many dreams associated with Ashish, while Asha and Avni’s life lies with Ashish.

Ashish speaks to Dayavanti and expresses his apology in hiding the truth. Dayavanti is in dilemma after seeing Asha and Avni at their home. Dayavanti lies to Ashish and makes him believe that she has accepted Asha and Avni by her heart. She tells Ashish about Hemant’s illness, that Hemant is suffering from brain tumor. She asks Ashish to marry to Neela, as per Hemant’s last wish. As a solution, Dayavanti convinces Ashish to get engaged to Neela. Avni’s sports day arrives and she waits to see Ashish cheering for her. Avni hopes Ashish comes this time, while Ashish is stuck in the engagement with Neela at home. Will Ashish break Avni’s hope again? Keep reading.


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