Mannu accepts to become Pavaniya’s Shah in Waaris

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Waaris is going through a melodramatic track. Amba is facing many troubles at once. Jagan and Raavi are blaming Amba to have an affair with their enemy Harjeet Bajwa. Jagan convinces Bebe by showing Charan’s Kalgi on Harjeet’s Pagdi. Bebe angrily slaps Amba and doubts on Amba’s character. Amba is kicked out of the house. Suraiyya explains Mannu about the lie Amba was helpless to say, that too just for saving Mannu’s life. Mannnu understands the matter clearly and forgives Amba for her lies. Mannu’s heart turns soft for his mother once again. Mannu comes home and defends Amba. He uses his post of being a Shah, and Pavaniya’s heir. He asks Bebe not to make Amba leave village and promises to prove Amba innocent.

Seeing Mannu’s confidence, Bebe is sure that Mannu will prove Amba innocent. Mannu takes the challenge to prove Amba’s innocence and Jagan’s evil planning to Bebe in just 10 days. Fearing that Mannu will be losing to Jagan, Amba packs Mannu’s bags and asks him to leave from the village. Amba does not want Mannu’s truth to come out. Mannu tells Amba that he will not run away and accepts the Shah post. He gives the Shah Pagdi to Amba and asks her to make him wear that. Mannu knows of the gender truth of being a daughter, and still promises Amba to live like her son. Mannu proves to be Amba’s Waaris. Keep reading.

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