Colors’ Roundup



Tanuja meets with an accident again. This happened by Rishi’s friend Malaika’s car. She screams Rishi and faints on the road. Public surrounds Malaika and scolds her for the accident. Natasha will take Tanuja to hospital, where she will meet Rishi once again.



Thapki tells Bihaan about the special candle, which has bomb in it. Thapki blows off the candle and tells Bihaan that Kosi has planted this bomb. Bihaan starts arguing again on Thapki blaming his Maa again and again. Kosi has herself told Thapki about the bomb and asks her to save Bihaan if she can. Bihaan does not move away from the candle and tells Thapki that he will be proving Kosi’s innocence infront of her today.


Chakor decorates the room and Vivaan and Imli. They are planning a new life. Chakor gifted them this special surprise. Chakor asks Vivaan to give her nek, else he would not let him enter the room. Vivaan gives her nek. Imli tells Vivaan that Chakor still loves him. Vivaan clears to Imli that Chakor has told him that she does not love him. Chakor has sacrificed her love. Vivaan will know this truth later.


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