Aryan and Sanchi’s romantic pre-wedding date


Sanchi is day dreaming Aryan. She closes eyes and dreams a romantic moment with Aryan. Aryan kisses her. The marriage date is coming close. Sanchi wants to say love you to Aryan, but she goes in imagination. Sanchi and Aryan can’t meet, so Sanchi’s sister makes Sanchi imagine meeting Aryan in her dream.

Aryan surprises Sanchi by proposing her in a romantic way. They both have a dance. Sanchi forgets everything when Aryan is with her. Aryan and Sanchi’s pre-marriage moments are made beautiful by Aryan’s efforts. Aryan plans a romantic date and arranges her favorite music, flowers and food. Aryan proposes Sanchi with a rose. With perfect ambience, Sanchi feels special and likes the candle light dinner date. There will be grand marriage event with all functions. Keep reading.


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