Harman and Soumya’s hits and misses in Shakti

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Harman is finding Soumya. Harman is given the ultimatum to get Soumya home before Navratri ends, else he will have to forget Soumya. Harman has reached the kinner’s place and sees Soumya leaving in the car. He misses to get her and angrily beats a random man passing by pn the road, asking what did you tell Soumya that she left. Surbhi calms down Harman. Surbhi and Harman are trying their best to get Soumya.

Soumya is adjusting in kinner’s world along with the baby she is taking care of. Harman is worried to find Soumya soon and fulfill his task given by Preeto. Soumya has turned Yashoda for the baby Amrit and is showering love. Harman’s anger is getting high by failing to get Soumya. Soumya got a task to make Amrit reach her parents and get her rights. Soumya has taken the responsibility of Amrit. She is trying to convince Amrit’s mother to accept Amrit. It has to be seen how Harman finds out Soumya and wins the challenge posed by Preeto. Keep reading.






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