Marriage, love and enmity twists take over Saath Nibhana Saathiya


Mansi and Ahem are marrying. Jaggi is worried and looks for Gopi. Gopi comes there. When Mansi asks Jaggi to fill sindoor in her maang, Jaggi admits the truth that he is not Ahem. He realizes wrong is happening and tells truth. Mansi gets angry and gets a fire torch to hurt Gopi and Jaggi. Gopi and Jaggi’s plan failed. Mansi’s emotions are hurt and she wants to just kill them. Pramila and Krishna try to calm down Mansi.

Pramila challenges Gopi that she will sell the half share of Modi house in two hours. Gopi and Jaggi try hard to find property papers, and Kanha helps them. They get the property papers in the house temple and thank Kanha. Pramila will take revenge from Gopi now.


Jaggi started dreaming about Gopi. Gopi has got a new avatar and dances around Jaggi. Jaggi thinks why is Gopi dancing in my style of Tapori dance. He imagines if his girlfriend was like him, Tapori type and sees Gopi as his girlfriend. He wonders why is he seeing Gopi, and then his imagination ends. Jaggi is falling in love with Gopi.


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