Misunderstandings to ruin IshRa’s happiness in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

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Simmi gifted a photo frame to Ishita and Ishita is very happy seeing it. Ishita shows the frame to Ishita. Raman burns Ishita and his pic and Ishita cries. She asks why is he burning it. He asks where were you last night and tells her that she has gone to Mani’s house to apologize. Raman asks Ishita why did she go to apologize to Mani, does she find her husband wrong. He asks her does she not trust him, there should be honesty and trust between wife and husband.

She asks why did he spy on her, if he trusts her. She says I did not go there to apologize, I did not tell you everything as you would get angry, you believe Shagun more than me. Raman says if wife lies to a husband, will he dance and get happy, even you believe Mani more than me, Pihu is away from us because of Mani. She tells him that something happened in Mani’s house, a woman blamed Mani for rape attempt and she named you for paying her to blame Mani, so I went there to clear that you can’t do this. Raman says you should have not gone there., even if this was the case. The Bhalla family is shocked seeing Raman and Ishita fighting. Keep reading.


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