Shivay waits for any miracle to stop his marriage in Ishqbaaz


Rudra shows concern towards Anika. He asks are you fine. She says no. He asks her to share her worries. Anika tells about the work stress. He asks Anika about her arguments with Shivay, why did she come in Shivay’s life. He thanks her for coming to work in their house and entering their lives. He believes she has come in Shivay’s life by some reason for sure. Anika asks Rudra not to be senti. Rudra, Omkara and Priyanka get a dress for Anika as a token of thanks. Anika refuses to accept the gift. Omkara convinces her to accept it. Shivay hears Anika’s good bye speech. She says once Shivay marries, she will not come in this house. Shivay spends some time alone with Anika’s memories.

Tia asks Robin to help her in arrangements and is worriedly missing her mom. Robin asks Tia why is she doing this marriage. Tia tells him that marriage is very important for them. She worries and says I m feeling bad to pressurize Shivay. Omkara offers lift to drop Anika. Shivay says he will drop Anika. Shivay tells Omkara that just Tej and Shakti’s innocence can get back company shares on track, then he won’t need to marry Tia. Shivay waits for any miracle to stop his marriage. Anika would be proving Tej and Shakti’s innocence and become the miraculous angel for Shivay. Keep reading.


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