Suman-Shravan’s unfriendliness to get high


Suman and Shravan are having problem to adjust with each other after their marriage. He counts on her manners for coming to room without knocking. She asks him to keep lock door. She tells him that they have equal rights. She reminds what he said to her. He forgets their conversation. She asks him to sharpen his memory. Shravan is always angry and she has all answers. She asks him not to get over drunk. He calls her uninvited guest who is trying to claim rights on his life. She tells him that he got everything from his dad and never adjusted. She challenges that she will bear him how to adjust and can bear such a spoilt husband.

Suman and Shravan’s fights go on increasing by every day. The media reporter ask Shravan about his love marriage, how does Shravan feel by getting Suman. Shravan gets angry on Suman infront of media. Suman asks him not to bring their relation truth out. Shravan says I had enough of it, and does not care for media. He shouts on Suman. Media’s pointed questions trigger his anger. Shravan has taken the problems high. Suman and Shravan will now try to solve their problems. Keep reading.



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