Anika makes the ‘wishful miracle’ possible in Ishqbaaz


Pinky tells Jhanvi that she has seen that video girl somewhere. Jhanvi says that girl died 5 years ago, that’s not possible. Pinky is sure that she has seen the girl and jokes the girl did not become ghost. Jhanvi explains her that Tej and Shakti claim that they don’t know that girl, if police knows you have seen that girl, police will use it against Tej and Shakti. Jhanvi and Pinky decide to focus on Shivay’s marriage.

Anika misses Shivay and is upset. Shivay tells her that he would be meeting her tomorrow. She feels emptiness. Sahil jokes on her bad mood. Sahil gets Anika’s favorite movie Cd. He plays the movie and cheers her. Shivay is unhappy and wishes he could prove Tej and Shakti’s innocence. Shivay badly needs a miracle and feels like missing something. Anika recalls where did she see that girl. She recalls the movie picture in background of the CD video, after seeing the movie ad. She realizes Tej and Shakti can be proved innocent by this lead and she has to inform Shivay about it.


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