Simar to help Swaragini in MahaSangam episode


Simar and Swara meet at the Durga Puja. Simar and Prem have come to the Baadi. There is a maha sangam episode of SSK and Swaragini. Khushi and Anjali have reached there in disguise of photographers, so that no one identifies them. Anjali wants to take video of Simar and Prem fighting, to prove in court that they are not husband and wife. Ragini comes to Baadi and shouts to get Sanskar out.

She says she will take revenge from Sanskar for her husband’s wounds. Sanskar comes there and his mum takes him away. Before Ragini could do anything, Simar stops her. Ragini pushes Simar and Dadi falls along Simar. Dadi’s purse falls down. Simar gets the keys from Dadi’s purse, while picking the items. Swara, Ragini and Simar made the plan to get the keys so that Swara can keep the house papers. Simar is helping Swara and Ragini. Swara will unite her two families. Ragini did the drama to divert Dadi’s attention and succeeds.


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