Ashish breaks Asha and Avni’s hopes in Naamkarann


Avni has high hope and waits for Ashish to come for her race. Kia passes taunts on Avni. Asha is worried that Avni’s hopes can break. Ashish is stuck and is unable to attend the sports day event. Avni participates in the race on Asha’s saying. Avni wins the race and gets rewarded by a trophy. While she loses to the bet to Kia, Asha feels depressed seeing Avni’s state. Neela and Ashish get engaged at the hospital infront of Hemant. Avni angered with Ashish shuts herself in the cupboard. Avni cries a lot and this upsets Asha.

Ashish wants to meet Asha and Avni and explain them. Dayavanti stops Ashish. She sends Ashish and Neela for dinner. Dayavanti asks Ashish to attend dinner with Neela and not visit Avni now. Neela tells Ashish that she fell in love with him in the same restaurant and have many memories. Ashish unwillingly stays with Neela. They have a dance together. Kia asks Avni to give away the candy stick house as per their bet. Avni is shattered because of Ashish. Later, Avni apologizes to Avni for failing to keep up the promise. Avni gets much angry and breaks her trophy. Ashish tries to give an explanation and Asha stops Ashish. Dayavanti feels someone has done black magic on Ashish and looks for some suspicious thing in his room. She searches his room in his absence and gets to see Asha and Avni’s pics.


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