Adarsh plays Sindoor Khela in bad sense in Swaragini

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Swara and Ragini want their families to be safe. But Parineeta and Adarsh want the house papers. Adarsh throws the holi color plates. Adarsh is changing Durga Puja ritual of sindoor and giving bad meaning to Sindoor Khela ritual. Adarsh gets the gun and aims at Ragini. The entire family is kept at gunpoint. Adarsh asks Ragini to give the house papers. Durga Prasad asks Adarsh to stop these bad deeds.

Swara and Ragini were happy to get the house papers and were giving papers to Durga Prasad. Adarsh and Parineeta asked them to give papers. Ragini and Swara refuse. Parineeta plays the sindoor game, and gives two plates of sindoor to Swara and Ragini, saying either of Laksh and Sanskar will die. Adarsh throws the plates and makes sindoor fall on the ground. Swara and Ragini cry. He tells them that Laksh and Sanskar will fight and kill each other. Swara and Ragini will fail Adarsh’s plans, and save their husband’s lives. Keep reading.






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