High Five Spoilers

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Imli is annoyed as Vivaan did not notice her hair pleats. She wanted Vivaan to tell her that her hair left loose suits her. Suraj got overdrunk and fights with someone in the village. He beats some man, who was beating his little kid. The police arrests Suraj. Suraj gets bail and comes home. Suraj challenges Chakor to stop his drinking habit. Imli feels Chakor’s presence in haveli is dividing Vivaan’s attention.


Bua Dadi has ended the distance between Raina and Rishabh. She keeps dance competition between Raina and Rishabh. She tells the game name that’s to test the couples. Raina and Rishabh dance on the paper. The paper dance brings them closer. At the final fold, Rishabh lifts Raina and wins the round. Bua Dadi announces to send Raina and Rishabh on honeymoon.

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka:

Sanchi’s haldi is applied and she is very happy. The marathon wedding of Indian television. The floral jewelry gives brightness to Sanchi. Haldi from Aryan’s house is brought for Sanchi. The family members apply haldi to Sanchi.


Kia is angry after losing out to Avni in the race. Avni writes Ashish’s name in her book. Kia sees Avni and snatches her book to show to entire class what Avni has written in the book. Hemant is happy with Ashish and Neela’s engagement. Hemant plans a surprise for Neela.


Prem has done drama to fill sindoor in Simar’s maang, just for Mata ji’s happiness. Mata ji dances happily. Khushi spoils her happiness and tells Mata ji that Prem is doing this drama for the benefit of Anjali and family. Prem wants Mata ji not to take any tension. Prem saves Simar from getting arrested and made her realize that he still loves her. Mata ji gets unwell when Khushi tells her about Prem and Simar’s bad terms.


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