CD case solved; Shivay’s thanks gets due in Ishqbaaz

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Anika and Shivay enter the old house where that video was made. They see an old blind lady. The lady tells them that there is no Shilpa Mehta here. Anika tells Shivay that the room is this one for sure. The lady asks them to leave from here. The girl Shilpa Mehta sees them and tries to run away. Before Shivay could stop her, the old lady who was acting hits on Shivay’s head. Shivay asks Anika to follow that girl. Anika runs after that girl and gets her out of the auto.

Anika gets hurt in the process. Omkara and Rudra see Shilpa running away and stop her. Shilpa throws chillies on them and runs away. Omkara tells Anika that they lost the girl. Shivay gets the girl caught up by the police. The girl’s face is revealed and they all see Shilpa alive. Inspector understands that recording was fake. Shivay asks Shilpa about naming Tej and Shakti in video. Shilpa tells them that Gayatri paid her for video. Inspector apologizes and Tej and Shakti are proved innocent. The brothers get together to celebrate their happiness. Rudra invites Anika to join them.

They come home and tell Dadi about Anika’s great help. Everyone get thankful to Anika. Dadi asks Shivay to thank Anika. Shivay says its useful to watch B grade movies, and points on Anika for her mistakes to give stick to old lady, that helped lady to attack on him. Soumya suggests to thank Sahil too. Anika waits to hear thanks from Shivay.






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