High Five Spoilers

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Naitik is back home and brought lots of happiness along. Akshara and Naitik’s love is at its peak. Akshara sings a welcome song for Naitik. The family cuddles Naitik and they all have a dance. Everyone runs after Naitik with sweets in hand. Naitik hugs everyone and it’s an emotional moment for all of them. Akshara and Naitik have a romantic moment. Everyone shower love on Naitik. Naitik is unable to eat food by everyone’s hands. He hugs Naira and the moment brings tears in everyone’s eyes. Its happy moment for Singhania family.


Raina and Rishabh have an argument. They both fall down and have an eyelock. Bua Dadi is bringing romance in their lives. Soon, the thriller will also be seen.


Aaliya elopes from home. Raman and Mani have a fight. The reason is Aaliya and Adi’s love. Aaliya runs away from home, but Raman gets Aaliya back. Raman asks Mani about his upbringing. He says Aaliya was running away with Adi to lose name so that the families gets them married. Raman tells Mani that he will not accept a characterless girl for his son. Mani loses temper. Aaliya asks Mani who is he to decide about her. Mani asks you are asking me who I am.


Raja and Rani are having love stares. They have love in their hearts, but do not express. Raja gets to know Rani’s life is in danger, so he comes to protect her. Raja feels some danger and stays with her. Rani shows attitude and ignores him. Rani pretends to avoid him, but her focus is on Raja. She does not study and makes drawing in her book. Rani smiles seeing him and turns. Raja looks at her and smiles. Its tough to be so close and yet far. They both then cry seeing mangalsutra and memories. Raja kisses the mangalsutra. Its proved that they love each other.


Tanuja is brought to Rishi’s home. Media and police ask Tanuja who has done her accident. They are taking Tanuja’s side and asks her to answer if Rishi did her accident or Malalika. Rishi fumes seeing Tanuja. Tanuja gave the statement and said it was her mistake to come infront of the car. She says she got dizzy and fainted infront of the car. She frees Rishi and Malaika from the case. Rano comes and scolds Tanuja.


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