Sarla does Raavan Dahan to vent out anger in Mere Angne Mein


Shanti has shown the door to Sarla, after Sarla’s mistakes have reached the limits. Shanti got to know that Sarla sold Ashok to Nirmala. Shanti does not believe Sarla when Sarla tells her about the theft at her home. Sarla has lost Shanti’s trust now. Sarla is upset and blames Kaushalya and Riya to fill Shanti’s ears against her. Riya and Kaushalya try to explain Shanti to forgive Sarla, but Shanti is adamant in her anger.

Sarla is very angry as Shanti has abandoned her. Sarla cries and shouts aloud. She regrets for her mistake and speaks out her heart. Sarla was getting taunts by all the people in the locality. The people were talking about Sarla and Nirmala. The man says they should burn Sarla as she is also a Raavan. Sarla beats the men angrily and then burns the Raavan. Sarla has burnt the Raavan idol and does Raavan dahan before the festive.



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