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Raja meets Rani. He ends her annoyance by making her wear the beautiful bangles. Raj Mata smiles seeing them. Rani was in tension as Raja did not tell her and went away from the haveli. Raja comes home in morning and gifts bangle to Rani. Rani tells Raja how worried she was for him. Raja and Rani’s love makes Raj Mata recall Rana ji and Gayatri. Very soon Raj Mata’s memory will come back. Raja says I did mistakes before and now I have given wife rights to Rani. Raja promised her to tell her truth which he has hidden till now.

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Anjali and Khushi do planning against Simar. They do not know that Simar is hearing them. Simar plans to counter their tricks and fail Khushi.


Sambhav aims gun at Suhani, but she manages to get saved. Sambhav then takes Suhani to some isolates place and misbehaves with her. Sambhav molests Suhani. Yuvraaj loses his temper and beats up Sambhav. Suhani sits in shock, while Yuvraaj and Sambhav’s fight goes on.


Adarsh aims gun at Ragini and Swara. Adarsh is very clever, he says he will shoot Laksh and Sanskaar, and asks Swara to give property papers. Swara gets worried and calls Sanskar. This is bring a great twist. Sanskar comes but he does not go to Swara. He is busy in some other matter.


Saudamini and Paridhi have a fight. Its tough for Paridhi to get saved today. Saudamini has come outside the doll. She tells Paridhi that she is going away from her life, but from today Paridhi will need Saudamini from now. Family does not believe that Saudamini’s spirit is in their house, as Rajbeer killed Saudamini, but Saudamini appears infront of Paridhi. Paridhi asks Rajbeer to understand that Saudamini is here. Heera chants mantras and sprinkles Ganga jal on the doll. Heera helps Paridhi. Saudamini is not leaving Paridhi.






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