Manjari to kill Vishwaveer in Kaala Teeka


There is much drama in Yug, Kaali and Gauri’s lives. Just Durga Maa can solve this. Manjari Maa has become Durga Maa and today evil will end. Manjari has become protector of Kaali and Naina. She has taken trishul and took Durga’s avatar. She attacks on her husband Vishwaveer.

The show brings the concept of evil dying by good person’s hands. Manjari has ended the good versus evil war. She has killed her husband to save Kaali and Naina. Vishwaveer is enemy of Naina and was trying to kill Naina. Vishwaveer asks Manjari how can she kill her husband. Kaali tries to save Naina. Manjari tells Vishwaveer that she is killing evil. Manjari hits him and he falls down the cliff.


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