Colors Mini Spoilers



Simar has come in old avatar. She has got ready as the bride. Mata ji’s old Simar has come back. Prem gets mesmerized seeing Simar. Simar lets her hair loose. Prem and Simar have an eyelock. Anjali asks the family to come together for Navratri Garba function. Prem did not wish to go, but he agreed only for Anjali’s sake to show the court that he and Simar are together. Khushi wants to win over Simar. She is afraid that everything can become like before, so she is planning to make Anjali against Simar.


Swara and Ragini have made the family proud. Swara aims gun at Adarsh and makes him admit all the truth. The police comes and arrests Adarsh, and hence all the problems in Maheshwari house ends.

Naagin Season 2:

Shivangi spots Rocky in the dark garage and assumes him to be ghost. Rocky stands bare chest and takes a bath. She runs out of the garage. She screams and goes to her friends. Rocky comes out and wears his jacket, showing attitude to Shivangi. Shivangi goes there to get cake orders. Rocky’s friend makes the girls video. Shivangi’s sister goes to fight with Rocky’s friend Champak. She gives her number to Rocky and likes him. Rocky feels some connection with Shivangi. Shivanya asks Shiv ji to bless her daughter.


Harman and Soumya will be separated. Surbhi will be married to Harman to get Soumya back. Surbhi has postponed her marriahed and fought with her family. Surbhi can do anything for Soumya. She has nothing in heart for the world. She does not care what Soumya’s inlaws thinks. Surbhi and Harman are finding Soumya. The search for Soumya will go on till Navratri and only then the changes will be seen in Soumya and Harman’s lives.


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