Confusion, misleads and more in Ishqbaaz


Mr. and Mrs. Chabbra bond well with the Oberois. Anika collides with Shivay and her bracelet gets stuck in his coat button. Anika tries to tell him about the bracelet, and he goes. The scene gets comical as Shivay and Anika get tangled by the bracelet twist. Mr. Chabbra shakes hands with Shivay and Anika together. Chabbras get mistaken that Shivay and Anika are the couple, who are going to get married. Mrs. Chabbra talks of their honeymoon, which makes Shivay, Anika and Pinky worry. Pinky clears to Mrs. Chabbra that Shivay is single. Shivay tells that Anika is his wedding organizer.

Soumya pacifies Priyanka and asks her not to get nervous. Priyanka tells Soumya that its easy for her to say, as she is best in handling the matters. Priyanka knows Soumya is love angel. Anika hears Soumya is love angel and gets excited. She tells Soumya that Sahil and I listen your show. Soumya asks her not to tell anyone. Anika takes Priyanka to meet Chabbras. Soumya gets shocked seeing the guy. Anika teases Priyanka for smiling and liking the guy. Anika asks Soumya about the guy’s matter, as its related to Priyanka’s life. Soumya tells them that the guy was her boyfriend, he does not respect girls. She says that guy dumped her. Anika believes Soumya and thinks to tell this to Shivay.


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