Devastating moment for Avni in Star’s Naamkarann


Avni calls Asha and informs that the principal wants to meet her parents. Asha goes alone for the meeting, and lies to principal about Ashish’s work issues and non availability. Avni asks Asha to speak out truth. Class teacher tells Asha about Avni’s depression and she is suffering from Duck Syndrome. Asha gets worried seeing Avni’s state.

Ashish visits an NGO. An illegitimate girl attempts suicide at the NGO, but Ashish saves her. Avni sadly walks alone on the road and comes infront of Neela’s car. Neela is about to hit her and stops the car. Ali takes Avni and jokes of stealing food from a party. Journalist ill talks to Avni. Ashush beats up the journalist. The journalist asks Ashish about his relation with the girl. Ashish does not acknowledge Avni as his daughter. This leaves Avni shattered. Will Avni fight for her name and identity? Keep reading.


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