High Five Spoilers

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There is a fight sequence between Sanskar and Laksh. They have become revengeful again. They both always fight since Adarsh’s plotting started. Sanskar and Laksh fight to get the property papers. Laksh wants to get papers from Sanskar, but Sanskar does not give him. Sanskar asks Laksh to use his senses and not fall in anyone’s words. Laksh is not ready to listen to anything.



Shankachurna has succeeded to get Urmi. Urmi romances with Shankachurna, as its her plan to save Arjun. Urmi has not forgotten Arjun and feels this is the only way to save Arjun from Shankachurna. She wants to divert Shankachurna’s attention from Arjun. Urmi gives herself up to Shankachurna.


Avni calls Asha and informs that the principal wants to meet her parents. Asha goes alone for the meeting, and lies to principal about Ashish’s work issues and non availability. Avni asks Asha to speak out truth. Class teacher tells Asha about Avni’s depression and she is suffering from Duck Syndrome. Asha gets worried seeing Avni’s state.


When Jagan comes home later, Deena slaps Jagan and tells him that the matter will reach village panchayat now, and only panchayat will take a decision on Jagan, to permit him to stay in village or not. Jagan gets shocked and fears to lose his standing in the village. Jagan feels insulted because of Amba and Mannu. After Deena beats him, Jagan decides to show his Raavan’s avatar. Jagan plans to makes Deena fall from the stairs, which makes Deena critical. Jagan then puts the dirty blame on Amba for attempting to kill Deena.


Anika clears the misunderstanding about Dev and Reyaan. Shivay gives his nod for Dev. The entire family is happy and keeps roka/engagement function for Priyanka and Dev. Priyanka’s subtle nature wins Dev’s heart. But, there is little tension in the engagement function, which shocks everyone. Shivay stops Priyanka and Dev from getting engaged. Shivay questions Mr. Chabbra whether Dev is his illegitimate son. Shivay is concerned about family lineage and tells Mr. Chabbra that he will not let the engagement happen. Shivay asks Mr. Chabbra about his extra marital affair with Ms. Chopra.


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