High Five Spoilers

Ishqbaaz Internet Wala Love

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka:

Sanchi is getting mehendi applied. The marriage will go on for 30 days and every function will be seen in a full fledged manner for viewers to get the good dose for entertainment. Sanchi chooses the mehendi design, which will challenge Aryan to find his initials in it.


Rishi has understood that Tanuja is Tanu, and is hugging her by love. The viewers can hope that this is not a dream sequence. Rishi and Tanuja have an eyelock. Ssharad and Kratika’s fans will be getting a scoop of their romance once again. Rishi and Tanuja have united, and completed Rishi and Tanu’s love story. They are expressing love to each other in the same old way by simple eye stares.


Harman and Soumya are together. Soumya is dreaming that Harman is with her. Their meeting gets emotional for them. Soumya and Harman do not talk, and just look at each other. Preeto is worried as the nine days are passing. She is in much tension. She does not want Harman to find Soumya. Some news comes which gives tension to Preeto. Harman is still trying to Soumya. Preeto does the Navratri puja at home. She is surrounded by people, who call Preeto a bad mum in law. Preeto wants to avoid all the questions by society.


Rajmata makes excuse of a heart ache. She calls Raja and Rani to her room, and locks them together so that Raja could talk to Rani, and end their annoyance. Raja wanted to convince Rani. He got the chance given by Rajmata, but Rani’s annoyance does not end. Rani is very angry and reacts. She tells Raja that she will not come in her words. Rajmata is determined to unite Raja and Rani. She is trying many things. She acts to get a fake heart attack. Raja and Rani worry for Rajmata and get together to treat Rajmata’s illness.


Chakor and Suraj get the fake call, about Imli’s accident. They both rush and get attacked by the goons. Imli gets a call and someone informs her about Vivaan’s accident. Bhaiya ji called Imli, Vivaan, Chaor and Suraj by cheat. They all reached the temple. Chakor tells Imli that they got the shocking news of her accident. Imli and Vivaan tell Chakor and Suraj that someone called them at the temple. Before they could analyze who fooled them and called them at the temple by giving wrong info, they get kidnapped by the goons.


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