Navratri celebrations to bring Bihaan close to Thapki’s truth


There is Navratri celebrations in Pandey House. Bihaan and Sankara do the puja together, while Thapki becomes part of the puja, still being in Vaani’s character. Everyone is together on the puja. Before Devi Maa puja, Thapki tells her that she will not become part of the puja and won’t talk to anyone Thapki and Dhruv play Dandiya, and partners change. Bihaan and Thapki play Dandiya. He argues with her and she gets hurt by the stick. He cares for Thapki and holds her hand. He feels Thapki’s touch once again.

Bihaan has one motive, that’s to prove Vaani is Thapki. He wants to bring Vaani’s story out. He has become spy. Pandey family have placed Mata Rani on Navratri, and they kept Dandiya dance function. Bihaan knows Vaani is Thapki and is very sure. Dhruv is supporting Thapki and protecting her. He keeps a tongue twister game, and wants to see if Thapki stammers in the game. He thinks if Thapki stammers a bit while saying the complete tongue twister, then it will be proved that she is Thapki, and not Vaani. It has to be seen will Thapki get saved from his plan.


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