High Five Spoilers

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Raja and Rani were left by Rajmata in a room so that they can sort the differences. Rani has first slapped Raja and scolded him, then she cries and kisses Raja. Its Dussehra and viewers will see Raja and Rani’s Prem leela. Rani understands that its not Raja’s mistake, so she tells him that she is sorry and want to become his wife again. Raja has forgiven Rani, but he is not able to forgive himself. Lavi takes Raja on a date and makes him drunk. Raja wants Rani to hate him, and is in deep guilt. Rani forgives him knowing truth, but Raja feels he doesn’t deserve Rani.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Thapki is unable to hold her emotions on seeing Bihaan. Bihaan started changing as Thapki is staying along. He feels Thapki is with him, but Thapki is holding her heart and going away from Bihaan, as she has big motives to fulfill. Thapki and Dhruv are trying to bring out Kosi’s truth out infront of Bihaan.


Ritu is killed and the blame is on Paridhi. Saudimini has killed Ritu. Rajbeer and Paridhi get shocked seeing Ritu dead. Rajbeer also has a spirit in him, and is troubling Dadi. Paridhi gets arrested by police. Paridhi is taken away. Paridhi is in lockup and is worried thinking how did this happen. She faints in the lockup. Paridhi solves Saudamini’s puzzles and knows where to go. The police staff checks Paridhi who fell unconscious. Paridhi tries to run away and solve mystery.


Simar and Prem play Dandiya. There is someone present to help Anjali and Khushi. Prem is making efforts and showing he is with Simar. Simar and Anjali compete in Dandiya. Simar gets hurt by Prem, and he feels sorry. He leaves from the party. Simar is still present and keeps an eye on Anjali and the person whose face is covered. Khushi plans something and takes away Anjali, till Simar is busy. Khushi makes Anjali elope from home. Khushi will be kidnapping Anjali in the next track. Simar will then get on Anjali’s search.


Aaliya and Adi are happy that their marriage is fixed. Ishita will teach Adi to get in South Indian colors and impress Mani. Adi is sure to do anything for his love. Adi and Aaliya will get engaged. Mrs. Iyer makes Adi dress in South Indian attire, and family laughs seeing Adi’s new look.


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