Raja feels undeserving after Rani forgives him


Raja and Rani were left by Rajmata in a room so that they can sort the differences. Rani has first slapped Raja and scolded him, then she cries and kisses Raja. Its Dussehra and viewers will see Raja and Rani’s Prem leela. Rani understands that its not Raja’s mistake, so she tells him that she is sorry and want to become his wife again. Raja has forgiven Rani, but he is not able to forgive himself. Lavi takes Raja on a date and makes him drunk. Raja wants Rani to hate him, and is in deep guilt. Rani forgives him knowing truth, but Raja feels he doesn’t deserve Rani.

Raja has changed and is not related to Lavi now. Raja wants to unite with Rani, but he is fighting with his inner morale dilemma. Rani has given her mangalsutra back to Raja. She was mistaken that Raja is at fault and he is behind all the troubles in her life. Rani’s misunderstandings got cleared because of Rajmata’s efforts.


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