Shivay fires Anika from the job in Ishqbaaz


Anika opens the door and asks Dev to leave. Shivay sees them and shouts Anika. He gets upset and mistaken that Anika has made Dev and Priyanka meet. He blames Anika for getting Dev. Anika tries to explain. Shivay angrily throws his phone at her feet. He starts insulting Anika. He tells her that his family always comes first for him. He shouts at Dev and sends him. Shivay is angered as Anika went against him. Priyanka tries to defend Anika, but Shivay does not listen. Shivay tells Omkara that Anika always does the things for which he stops her. He asks Anika did she get Dev inside the house. He shows belief in Priyanka.

Anika saves Priyanka and says yes. Shivay stretches too long on the blood and family lineage matter, and hurts Anika. He calls Dev a liar. He taunts Anika that she can never understand a rich family. Shivay shouts and tells about the difference existing between roadside people and rich families. Shivay tells Anika that she is at the other side of his family and he won’t make her cross the line. He tells her that she is not part of his family. He fires Anika from the job by insulting her. Shivay remarks Anika is not one of us. Anika remarks on Shivay’s small mindset. She taunts that person earns respect by giving respect. Anika is hurt seeing his rude behaviour and quits the job.



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