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YHM: Aaliya tells Adi that she is coming to meet him. Shagun hears Aaliya and takes Mani to see Aaliya and Adi. Ishita gets to know Shagun’s plan and sends Adi. She talks to Aaliya. Mani sees that Aaliya has come to meet Ishita, and matter gets sorted. Ishita manages the matter and then Aaliya’s Dadi scolds Shagun for creating the drama infront of the children. Aaliya’s Dadi solves all the problem and takes Shagun and Mani’s class. Dadi likes Adi for Aaliya and announces their marriage. Amma makes Adi wear the lungi, and is preparing him. Adi hugs Ishita and is happy.

Naagin 2: Shivanya is very upset and dancing angrily infront of Shiv ji. Shivanya does not want her daughter to become a Naagin. She asks Shiv ji not to snatch Shivangi, as he has already snatched her parents and husband before. Shivanya is scared that Shivangi’s life will be cursed if she turns into a Naagin. Shivangi’s life is in risk, so Shivanya is praying now. She is ready to do Tandav to please Shiv ji. She tells Guru ji that she can do anything to save her daughter. Shivanya cries and prays to Shiv ji that Shivangi gets married soon before she turns 25 years old. Meanwhile, Shivangi and Rocky’s love story is progressing.

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SNS: Meera keeps Karwachauth fast for Dharam. Dharam doubts on her. Meera calls it enough and breaks ties with Dharam. Meera loves Dharam and takes care of him. There will be big drama in the house. Meera does Dharam’s aarti to break her fast. But, Ritesh comes there. Meera tells Dharam that she does not know who has invited Ritesh. Dharam thinks Meera has called Ritesh to see his face and break the fast. Dharam was doubting on Meera before and today his doubt got certain. Meera argues with Dharam over his doubt. She asks do you think I can call him here today, how can he think this. Meera is hurt by Dharam’s doubt.

Shakti: Harman has got a lady in ghunghat, and they together attend the celebrations. Everyone does not know whether its Soumya or not. Soumya is crying in Guru Maa’s place and missing Harman. Preeto has got Surbhi in Soumya’s place. Its Celebrations of Navratri. When the saree vendor shows sarees to Soumya, she misses Harman. Surbhi sees the people questioning Preeto a lot. Surbhi comes as Soumya while covering her face.

Udaan: Bhaiya ji kidnaps Suraj, Imli, Vivaan and Chakor. The goons tie the couples, by making the Chakor and Imli stand over Suraj and Vivaan’s shoulders, and their necks tied by the ropes. Suraj and Vivaan can’t move, else Chakor and Imli will get hanged. Bhaiya ji gets a cake to celebrate and shocks them. They all get shocked knowing Bhaiya ji was alive and planned all this against them. Bhaiya ji aims to take revenge from all of them.





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