Shagun uses Pihu to shatter Raman in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Aaliya tells Adi that she is coming to meet him. Shagun hears Aaliya and takes Mani to see Aaliya and Adi. Ishita gets to know Shagun’s plan and sends Adi. She talks to Aaliya. Mani sees that Aaliya has come to meet Ishita, and matter gets sorted. Ishita manages the matter and then Aaliya’s Dadi scolds Shagun for creating the drama infront of the children. Aaliya’s Dadi solves all the problem and takes Shagun and Mani’s class. Dadi likes Adi for Aaliya and announces their marriage. Amma makes Adi wear the lungi, and is preparing him. Adi hugs Ishita and is happy.

Shagun comes to Bhalla house to take Pihu. She asks Raman to be away from Pihu. Raman has got Pihu home, but Shagun comes there to take Pihu. Bhallas try to stop Pihu, but Shagun scolds them and tells them about the court decision. Shagun is taking Raman’s life away. Raman tells Shagun that Pihu is his daughter and he has right to meet her. Shagun drags Pihu and takes her away. Pihu also gets upset. Raman can’t go against court decision. Simmi scolds Shagun for buying a smartphone to Pihu and Ananya. Simmi calls Shagun a careless mother. Shagun does not care for what they say and leaves.


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