Shivangi and Rocky’s love story begins in Naagin 2

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Shivanya is very upset and dancing angrily infront of Shiv ji. Shivanya does not want her daughter to become a Naagin. She asks Shiv ji not to snatch Shivangi, as he has already snatched her parents and husband before. Shivanya is scared that Shivangi’s life will be cursed if she turns into a Naagin. Shivangi’s life is in risk, so Shivanya is praying now. She is ready to do Tandav to please Shiv ji. She tells Guru ji that she can do anything to save her daughter. Shivanya cries and prays to Shiv ji that Shivangi gets married soon before she turns 25 years old. Meanwhile, Shivangi and Rocky’s love story is progressing.

Shivani meets Rocky at a garden, because of Rocky’s friend and Shivangi’s sister. They understand that they did not call each other and laugh. The rain starts and they get under the tree. Shivangi feels cold. Rocky gives his jacket to Shivangi to save her from the rain. Shivangi sees Rocky getting drenched in the rain, and takes him under the jacket. It thunders and she drops the jacket in fear. She hugs Rocky and their eye stares start. Shivangi and Rocky have some romantic moments in the rain. Shivangi and Rocky hug. They both start feeling for each other, but Ruchika also loves Rocky. Shivangi leaves from the garden, but Rocky smiles.






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