Tej gets firm about Shivay’s decision on Anika


Dadi tries to stop Anika and apologizes to her. Anika thanks Dadi for the respect and also safeguards her self esteem. Priyanka is also hurt by Shivay’s words. Dadi and Omkara feel Shivay did too bad. Priyanka tells Soumya that it was not Anika’s fault and Anika was just saving her. Soumya suggests her to talk to Shivay later. Tia tries to calm down Shivay. Tia talks about Dev, who is Mr. Chabbras’ illegitimate child. She supports Shivay in his decision. She curses Anika that she won’t get another job. She finds Shivay did right to fire Anika. Shivay gets angry hearing Tia’s words.

Shivay asks Tia not to take Anika’s name infront of him. Dadi and Jhanvi decide to get Anika back. Tej stops them and asks them to not change Shivay’s decision. Dadi counts the favors Anika did on them. Tej agrees that Anika helped them, but states that Anika is an outsider who should have not interfered in their family matter. Tej is angry that Anika took Dev to Priyanka’s room. Shakti tries to explain that Dev has Mr. Chabbra’s blood, so they can consider Dev. Tej declares that Dev’s proposal can’t be reconsidered.


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