ACP Randhawa’s entry brings big twists in Ishqbaaz

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Omkara wonders when did Gayatri did bail. ACP Randhawa tells Omkara that Shivay knew about Gayatri’s bail. He mentions Shivay’s words that he will end Gayatri’s story. He blames Shivay for killing Gayatri, as all evidences are against Shivay. Randhawa finds Shivay getting helpless to murder Gayatri, after her multiple crimes against Oberois. Shivay had many motives to kill Gayatri. Shivay denies the matter.

Randhawa questions Shivay about talking to Gayatri at night. Shivay tells him that Gayatri called him, he had gone to meet Gayatri on her call. Randhawa tells that Gayatri’s body was found in old mill. He tells everyone that Shivay was tracking the calls and knew Gayatri’s location. Shivay justifies that he wanted to stop Gayatri from hurting his family. Randhawa states Shivay murdered Gayatri. Shivay shows his position. Randhawa tells Shivay that he will not listen to any senior authorities and just arrest Shivay right away. Shivay threatens to get Randhawa fired. Randhawa shows Shivay’s cufflink found near Gayatri’s body. Shivay explains the cufflink was loose and maybe it fell. Randhawa does not believe him.






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