Colors’ Roundup


Naagin Season 2: Rocky is getting beaten up by the other wrestler Aditya. Aditya is Shivangi’s fiancé. Shivangi sees the fight. Rocky is in deep love. He sees Shivangi and wants to make Shivangi feel their connection. Rocky loses in the fight. Rocky is beaten up and next time he will fight back. Rocky makes Shivangi emotional. Rocky is ready to do anything to get Shivangi. He will make her realize that he is her true love.

Swaragini: Swara and Ragini have come back to their Maayka. They are celebrating and spreading happiness. They have become wedding planners and getting their friend’s marriage done. Ragini and Swara get a good project in their Baadi, and they are performing in the wedding. Swara misses Sanskar. Ragini supports Swara and makes her cheer up. She takes Swara for dance. Swara and Ragini you have started business along with Shekhar. Swara gets a call, but Swara did her work by siding all the tensions. There will be many twists. Laksh and Sanskar will make an entry back in their lives.

Udaan: Tejaswini rushes to save Suraj from the goons. Bhaiya ji reaches there and sees Chakor and Suraj trying to get free. He aims gun at Chakor and tells her that this time he will not let win. Tejaswini is also tied by the goons. Chakor gets free by opening the ropes and runs to Bhaiya ji, when he was shooting Imli. She stops him and Bhaiya ji pushes her away. Vivaan is shocked seeing Ranjana is helping Bhaiya ji. Ranjana does not melt seeing Vivaan’s state, while Tejaswini gets too worried for Suraj.

Devanshi: Mohan is fed up playing dual role. Mohan argues with Kusum and tells her that he wants to end Mohini’s role. He is much worried and burns Mohini’s costumes. Kusum comes to meet him, and stops him. Mohan gets angry and tells Kusum that some men tried to molest him, thinking he is a woman. He tells Kusum that he will be ruined one day and Kusum is the reason. Kusum convinces him by her love and tells him that her love for him is true. Kusum catches the men and shows justice by asking Mohini to beat the men. Devanshi is happy to stay with Kusum Sundari. Sarla is hating Kusum more and wants revenge from Kusum. Devanshi’s innocence will tackle Kusum’s clever tricks.

Kawach: Saudamini and Paridhi have a fight. Saudimini twists her hand. Paridhi is stuck in Saudamini’s trap. Paridhi is locked in a room and knocks for help. Saudamini tries to kill her. Saudamini is going to sacrifice someone from Paridhi’s family. When Paridhi tries to break window by vase, she gets pushed far. Paridhi chants Hanuman chalisa and the window and door open. She gets out of the room.


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