Devanshi to tackle Kusum’s trickery


Mohan is fed up playing dual role. Mohan argues with Kusum and tells her that he wants to end Mohini’s role. He is much worried and burns Mohini’s costumes. Kusum comes to meet him, and stops him. Mohan gets angry and tells Kusum that some men tried to molest him, thinking he is a woman.

He tells Kusum that he will be ruined one day and Kusum is the reason. Kusum convinces him by her love and tells him that her love for him is true. Kusum catches the men and shows justice by asking Mohini to beat the men. Devanshi is happy to stay with Kusum Sundari. Sarla is hating Kusum more and wants revenge from Kusum. Devanshi’s innocence will tackle Kusum’s clever tricks.


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