Laksh and Sanskar to make an re-entry in Swaragini


Swara and Ragini have come back to their Maayka. As known, the show has taken a six month short leap. Ragini and Swara are managing themselves by the new business start up. They are celebrating and spreading happiness. They have become wedding planners and getting their friend’s marriage done. Ragini and Swara get their first project. Ragini tells Swara about the good project they got from their Baadi. Swara does all the best arrangements and shows her expertise in the wedding planning work. They do not hire the dancers, and tell Shekhar that they will be performing in the wedding.

Swara and Ragini dance on Chalka song along with the bride and bring happiness in the function. Swara misses Sanskar. Ragini supports Swara and makes her cheer up. She takes Swara for dance. Swara and Ragini you have started business alongwith Shekhar. Swara gets a call, but Swara did her work by siding all the tensions. There will be many twists. Laksh and Sanskar will make an entry back in their lives.


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