Anika to get kidnapped after defamation in Ishqbaaz

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After Randhawa leaves, Shivay wants to ask Anika about her statement. Tia hears everything and asks Shivay to tell her that Anika lied to Randhawa. Shivay and Anika’s wrong relations news is seen by Bua and neighbours. Tia confronts Shivay for this horrible thing. Tia blames Anika to be at fault. She taunts Anika to be a bad character girl and calls him disgusting girl. Shivay asks Tia not to say a word more against Anika. He tells Tia that he got saved from a murder blame because of Anika. He asks Tia to understand what Anika did for him. Anika feels too hurt by Tia’s taunts and leaves.

Omkara and Rudra get angry on Tia for misbehaving with Anika. Omkara asks Shivay the entire story. Shivay tells Omkara that Anika called him at night to say about phone exchange, and Gayatri calling on his phone.

Bua calls Anika a bad character girl. Sahil throws out Bua from the house. Bua gets revengeful against Anika and gathers neighbours. Bua disrespects Anika, while the men in the locality tease Anika. Anika tells Bua that she is a fighter and will not lose to anyone. Bua creates a scene and asks neighbours to help her. She ruins Anika’s name and asks Anika to fight with society now. Anika answers the society and threatens the misbehaving cheap men. The men tease Anika and take her away forcibly. Will Anika get kidnapped? Will Shivay come to her rescue? Keep reading.






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