Bihaan fails in his super plan against Thapki

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Bihaan is lighting Diwali diyas. But, Bihaan’s heart is crying. He wants to live with Thapki, but fate has got Sankara with him. Bihaan wants to end Vaani’s story and confesses love to Sankara purposely. Thapki sees them and cries. She controls her emotions and asks Sankara to go and say yes to Bihaan, for which he is waiting. Thapki does not fall weak by Bihaan’s step.

Bihaan wanted to make Thapki jealous and the truth to come out. Thapki has covered up her emotions well, but it may happen that she can go too far from Bihaan. Thapki wants to take revenge from Bihaan as she holds him responsible for losing her child. Sankara gets too glad seeing Bihaan’s love proposal and tells Bihaan her answer is yes. Sankara accepts Bihaan’s proposal and confesses her feelings to Bihaan. This flops Bihaan’s plans and he gets stuck in the web he has weaved. Keep reading.

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