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Naagin 2: Yamini wants Rocky to marry Ruchika, so she makes the shooter shoot the girl whom Rocky likes. Yamini was shocked seeing Shivangi and Shivanya in the temple. Shivangi gets shot and does not know Yamini’s enmity truth. Rocky gets a big shock and holds Shivangi in his arms. He asks anyone to call ambulance. He asks Yamini to help him and save Shivangi. Rocky cries and shouts. Shivanya comes there and cries seeing Shivangi. He asks Rocky how did this happen. Shivanya does not know Yamini has come back.

ChandraNandni: Chandragupt and warrior princess Nandni have a sword fight. They have hatred and enmity. They both want to kill each other. Chandra wins in the sword fight and keeps the sword at her neck. They have anger in eyes. Chandra and Nandini are counter fighting for their parents’ justice.

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Kumkum Bhagya:

Abhi and Pragya have come for Raavan dahan. Their nok jhok starts and Tanu gets jealous seeing them. Tanu does not know whom Abhi loves. Abhi tells Tanu that Pragya is his secretary and she has to be with him. He says Pragya has to see his work, and she is nice. Tanu takes Abhi with him. Tanu and Pragya have an argument. Abhi tells Tanu that he forgot that he had to burn Raavan. Tanu asks will Pragya teach him how to shoot arrow and burn Raavan. Abhi says I know to shoot arrow well. Rockstar Abhi is doing nok jhok with Pragya. Abhi smells the flowers and says it’s not fake. Abhi shows his fun side and irritates Pragya.


Raman hugs Ishita and they have a romantic moment. Raman’s heart gets soothing effect seeing her. Ishita smiles and talks to him about Adi. Raman gets angry hearing about Adi and Aaliya. She asks about fulfilling responsibility towards Adi, they are Adi’s parents. Raman tells her that he does not want to talk to Ishita about Adi, and calls her senseless to get this topic between them. She wants to solve the matter by talking about it. Raman tells her that he can’t fulfill Adi’s wrong demands.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Bihaan is lighting Diwali diyas. But, Bihaan’s heart is crying. He wants to live with Thapki, but fate has got Sankara with him. Bihaan wants to end Vaani’s story and confesses love to Sankara purposely. Thapki sees them and cries. She controls her emotions and asks Sankara to go and say yes to Bihaan, for which he is waiting. Thapki does not fall weak by Bihaan’s step.





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