Shivay’s guarding angel Anika saves him yet again in Ishqbaaz


Anika tells Randhawa that Shivay had come to her place at night. Shivay admits he was with Anika, but not the other way as Randhawa is assuming. Randhawa questions Anika in bad way. Shivay gets angry seeing that. Anika tells that she was fired from job yesterday, but she has called Shivay at night to meet up. Randhawa asks the timings when Shivay came to her place and when he left. Anika lies that Shivay came at night and left in morning. She tells that Shivay was with her the entire night, which shocks Shivay and Oberoi family. Randhawa assumes their one night stand and asks for some proof. Anika brings a witness to prove she is saying true. She asks the medical shop owner to show footage when Shivay came to meet her at night. After seeing the CCTV footage and witness’ statement, its proved that Shivay has spent the night with Anika.

Randhawa asks her to imagine the meaning. She understands the complexities. Randhawa asks her to confirm it. Anika admits she was with Shivay all night. Randhawa shows the reality, and says you will get famous in wrong way. He warns her that she will get defamed as this case is high-profile. He asks her did you call Shivay to get the job back. Shivay calls it enough after hearing cheap things. He asks Randhawa not to stain Anika’s character. He tries to tell truth why he met Anika at night. Anika stops Shivay and asks him not to say anything. She admits infront of everyone that Shivay and she were together entire night.


Randhawa takes the details from her. Anika lies and makes a story. Randhawa asks her why is she losing her name for the man who fired her from work. Anika shows his belief in Shivay that he could not kill anyone. She gives her statement to save Shivay from the wrong blame. Randhawa tells Shivay that Anika saved him.


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