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Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka:
Aryan and Sanchi are getting engaged. The function is very colourful and bright, Aryan and Sanchi exchange the rings. Engagement happens well without any hurdle. But, the marriage will get some twists. Everyone blesses the couple. Grand wedding will be happening next.

Aparajita says she does not like anyone who cheats her. Aparajita turns into BrahmaRakshas and the goons scream and get away from her. Her nails grow and eyes turn red. She turns huge into a devil. Everyone who sees devil gives such reactions. BrahmaRakshas will be coming back.

Naira was worried and running away from her own feelings. Naira has finally realized her feelings. She wants to reach Kartik and confess her love. She runs on the road to meet Kartik.

Adi lifts Aaliya’s Dadi and takes her to the temple by climbing too many stairs. Adi is giving the love test and can do anything to impress Dadi and win Aaliya’s love. Raman and Ishita are missing Pihu. Ishita wants to tell Pihu that she is her mother, but Raman is not agreeing to it.

Simar applies mehendi for the Karwachauth and writes Prem’s name. Simar and Prem will be uniting in this Karwachauth.


Shivaye gets too emotional and falls in dilemma when he realizes that Anika has put her self esteem and respect at stake to save him from Gayatri’s murder blame. Rudra gets too drunk and loses his senses. Rudra and Soumya have a romantic moment. On the other hand, Omkara’s past returns to haunt him.


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