Rani and Lavi’s Tashan at Karwachauth ceremony in Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani

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Rani has kept Karwachauth fast for Raja. She goes with the ladies at the well place to see the moon reflection and do the puja. Lavi comes there to break her fast and everyone get shocked. Rani has kept fast even after breaking relations with Raja. Raja’s mum blesses Rani. Rani ended all relations and have come to keep Raja’s mum’s heart, she does not want the house matter to be known to everyone. Raja’s mum gets shocked seeing Lavi.

Lavi has got Raja and now she is keeping Karwachauth fast to impress Raja, so that he marries her. Rani is neutral and does not react anything. She does not want to fight with Lavi. Lavi taunts Rani over getting Raja’s love. Rani loves Raja a lot, even after knowing Raja and Lavi’s relation. Rani is unhappy by the misunderstandings and disputes. She kept the fast only for her love. Lavi is in love with Raja since childhood, and Raja is everything for him.






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