Anika and Shivay’s cute meet post medics effects


Shivay, Omkara and Rudra get into a drunken state by the strong painkillers. Shivay shockingly gives Diwali holiday and double bonus to his employees. Pinky understands its effect of painkillers. Shivay gives holidays for many festive. He calls his employee Mishra cute and raises his salary.

Soumya finds Rudra working out. She thinks he had fruit punch again. He boasts of himself that he had beaten the goons. Soumya does the aid to Rudra. Rudra seems to fall in love with Soumya, and calls her cute. Soumya tells Rudra that he is taken heavy painkillers. Rudra teases Soumya. He becomes a cry baby. Soumya consoles him. Rudra goes to meet Shivay.

Omkara gets too philosophical and luckily has Dadi by his side. He likes the pink cushions gifted by Riddhima. Omkara hugs the cushions. Omkara and Rudra meet Shivay. Omkara is in love with the pink cushions, while Rudra finds Soumya cute. Shivay gives promotion to Mishra. The brothers behave sweetly. Shivay thinks of Anika when Omkara talks about beautiful…….. Shivay wonders if Anika will come back. Anika makes an entry to know some answers from Shivay. Keep reading.


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