Romantic beginnings to get more twists in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Romance is going to return in YHM. Raman and Ishita have a romantic moment. Raman gets a Gajra for Ishita and fixes it in her hair. They hug and are happy to remarry. Ruhi comes and breaks their moment. Ishita gets embarrassed. Ruhi is glad to see Raman and Ishita spending happy time. Ruhi and Aaliya dress in the south Indian sarees. Raman and ishita compliment the girls for their desi look. Even Pihu wears the short saree, and look cute in south Indian avatar. Aaliya’s Dadi keeps the puja. Everyone comes there to attend the puja.

The Tamilian attires suit everyone. Adi looks tired. Dadi wants everything perfect and does not want anyone to break the traditions. Ishita manages the situation, and tells Adi and Aaliya to do the puja together. Shagun uses Pihu and wants to do something to break everyone’s happiness. Adi and Aaliya compliment each other for their new looks. They get lose in their eyes. Vandu asks Aaliya to come with her. Mani and Raman have an argument in the puja. Ishita manages to stop them. Pihu’s hand got burnt and Shagun asks her to hide the burn mark. There will be interesting sequence in the show.


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