Tanuja gets shot to save Rishi’s life in Kasam


Rishi comes to a hotel along with Malaika. There is a terrorist attack and Rishi gets caught at gunpoint. Rishi tries to fight back, but he gets beaten up badly. Tanuja spots Rishi in trouble. Everyone run away from the bad men, while Rishi and Tanuja get caught up together. Rishi and Tanu also try to escape, but fail. Tanuja gets shot while saving Rishi.

Once again, Tanuja risked her life to save Rishi. She has got shot the same way in her previous birth. Rishi gets shot seeing Tanuja, and holds her in his arms. He recalls Tanu’s death. Tanuja has become a shield for Rishi. While the shootout between terrorists and army continues, Rishi lifts Tanu and leaves from her. It seems all this happened to make Rishi and Tanuja recall their past love story.


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