Abhi and Pragya survive the dual attacks in Kumkum Bhagya


Abhi and Pragya come for Raavan dahan. Abhi sees the sharp shooter and moves Pragya away. They both fall down and the bullet hits the pot. Sharp shooter misses the shot and Abhi saves Pragya. Aaliya’s sharp shooter came to kill Pragya. Abhi talks to the guests and he shows the arrangements. The sharp shooter stands behind the Raavan idol and aims at Pragya. Abhi sees the shooter in nick on the time and jumps along Pragya. Pragya was feeling something bad is going to happen and was after Abhi all the while. She was protecting him.

Abhi and Pragya are attacked another time, while they get saved again. Abhi had done preparations for Raavan dahan in special way. Pragya was sensing something weird. Abhi felt Pragya getting after him is irritating and starts arguing with her. Later, he realizes Pragya’s intuition was right. Abhi and Pragya get up and guards come there. Abhi asks them to check the Raavan idol, the shooter shot twice. He asks them to rush and check for the shooter. Abhi calms the guests and tells them that its cracker sound. He asks guests not to worry and continues with the Raavan Dahan. Keep reading.


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