New mysteries and twists awaiting in Ishqbaaz

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Shivay and Anika’s sweet moment begins. Shivay falls asleep. Shivay asks Anika about their connection. Anika too wonders what is the magical feeling. Shivay sleeps in her lap. She thinks the matter got more complicated, but even Shivay feels the same like her. Anika shares the matter with Sahil. Sahil jokes and makes her panics. She is confused. Sahil asks her to close eyes and see if she can see Shivay’s face. Sahil imagines Soumya. He makes Anika try out once. Anika tries and sees Shivay. This gets shocking for her.

On the other hand, Randhawa comes to Oberoi family to interrogate them for Gayatri’s murder case. Shivay talks to Randhawa and tries to manage situation. But, Anika is also called there for interrogation. Shivay loses temper seeing Anika’s name getting dragged in bad way in the case. There is new problem on Oberoi family. Shivay is in big trouble once again. Shivay asks Randhawa to leave from the house. Priyanka gets an envelope and gets shocked. Shivay asks her about it. Priyanka does not tell anything and lies to him. What new mystery would come up now? Keep reading






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