Rudra sets up surprising double date in Ishqbaaz

Ishqbaaz: Rudra to prove Shivay mentally ill

Rudra arranges a double date. Rudra jokes on Soumya to be overweight, but calls her cute. He sets up a date for Soumya and Reyaan. Soumya hears about the date and gets shocked. Rudra asks Reyaan to learn from him, how to talk well with girls and never argue. Rudra asks Soumya to forgive Reyaan and give him another chance. Soumya gets another surprise, when Romi comes on the date with Rudra. Rudra and his silly jokes go on. Reyaan praises Soumya’s beauty. Rudra says we can call her cute and pretty, but Romi is more pretty. Romi turns to be another Lady Baba. Soumya worries for Rudra.

Romi takes Rudra to her house for a mini picnic. Rudra gets shocked by Romi’s Devi avatars. Rudra thinks Romi is playing Devi role in a serial. Romi calls Rudra lucky that he chose her as her follower. She asks him to pray. She steals Rudra’s phone. Soumya tells Priyanka that Romi is horrible. She says Rudra is unsafe with Romi. She asks Priyanka to call Rudra back home. In which trouble did Rudra fall now? Keep reading.


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