Shivay to seek love angel’s help to clear his dilemma in Ishqbaaz


After the medics effect, Shivay recalls what happened between him and Anika. He wonders if that really happened or did he hallucinate that beautiful moment. He recalls sleeping in her lap and calls the occurence not good. Omkara and Rudra are away from home. Shivay has no one to share the matter. Shivay asks Priyanka about Anika. Priyanka says she did not come. Shivay acts like he has no influence of Anika. He asks Priyanka not to call Anika home, but wishes Anika comes home on her own.

Priyanka asks Soumya to go for her radio show. Soumya starts her show, which Shivay listens. Shivay is in dilemma and finds his situation similar to the one Soumya tells about. She asks the callers to call her if they are confused about their feelings. Shivaye calls up love angel. Shivay does not say his name. Shivay calls love angel and describes himself the way Anika does. He says I m a black cat and hides his identity. He shares the incident with Soumya. Anika gets ready to go on her work again. Sahil asks about Shivay’s marriage. Anika feels sad realizing the reality. Will she realize her feelings for Shivay? Keep reading.


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